My name is Monique, a (originally) Dutch Girl with a camera who has been living in the UK (Ashford, Kent) since 2001.


I discovered photography a while ago and decided to get myself a DSLR (upgrade from my Sony mobile phone) so I can start sharing my love for photography and show you MY perspective on the places I have visited!

On my website you will mainly find photo's that give you a focused, alternative & interesting angled view of the places I have had the pleasure of seeing / visiting. 

Unlike many other blogs, there will be very few photo's of me as I doubt you are interested in seeing me in various poses and outfits when looking for inspiration as to where to travel next.


So what you will see on my website is photos taken in such a way that will intrigue you to go and visit that place, church, area or landmark.


When doing my own research on where to go next I found that most bloggers give you a very comprehensive overview of where they have been. On top of that there are so many photo's on their website that you almost feel like you don't have to go there yourself anymore as you have seen it all. 


So the purpose of my website is to intrigue you to visit the places I have been leaving you to do your own discovering and photography once you get there!